The Best Spa Delivery


For the last 9 years “The Best Spa Delivery” has delivered new hot tubs, swim spas, and saunas for local hot tub dealers. We also have moved used hot tubs for individuals. We started out delivering about 900 new and used hot tubs a year. The first couple of years was hell for us, but experience is an earned process and not given. The years of experience have allowed us to better serve our customers in a variety of ways, and to fashion custom made equipment to specifically handle every hot tub moving scenario. Even our trailers use 6,000 lbs torsion axles which produces a softer ride for your hot tub than leaf springs. All the photos in our website represent some of the different ways we have moved hot tubs, to better give you an understanding of what we do. Through all the years and experiences we have come to realize two things: First, we love meeting people and second, we really like moving hot tubs. At “The Best Spa Delivery,” we believe everybody should be in hot water.


2014 The Best Spa Delivery